How Does Workers’ Comp in Middleburg, Florida Work?

Getting hurt at work can turn your life upside down. You may be in pain and wonder how you are ever going to pay your medical bills. Being injured can also mean that you are unable to work, leaving you without any income to pay your mortgage or household bills. In Middleburg, Florida, workers’ comp is designed to help cover these expenses and make sure compensation is received for your injuries.

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Comp in Middleburg, Florida?

Virtually every employee receives coverage through workers’ comp in Florida. The state declares that part-time, full-time, as well as seasonal temporary workers, are afforded coverage when they injured at work.

Additionally, the coverage for workers’ comp in Florida states that for any type of accident that occurs while on the job, the injured employee receives coverage benefits through the program. Your employer is responsible for paying into workers’ comp in Florida and will provide you coverage through its insurance company as well as the state’s Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Is There a Deadline for Applying for Workers’ Comp in Florida?

After being injured on the job, you need to notify your employer that you are hurt and need to file a workers’ comp claim. You only have 30 days from the date of the accident to report everything to your employer, so it is imperative that you let them know as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you decide to wait and the 30-day timeframe has expired, you will not receive any benefits. Once you have reported your injuries to your employer, you have up to two years to file for workers’ comp benefits.

What Type of Medical Coverage is There for Workers’ Comp in Middleburg, Florida?

The benefits covered under the Florida workers’ comp program are comprehensive and designed to help you recover from your injuries. They provide medical coverage so that you can see your doctor for treatment or pay for expenses from hospital stays to treat your injuries. You are also provided coverage for prescriptions, physical therapy, prosthetics and medical testing. Virtually any type of required and necessary medical care that you need to treat your injuries receives coverage under the Florida workers’ comp program.

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If you are in need of medical care for injuries you sustained in a workplace accident, you will need to follow the laws of the workers’ comp program and see a company-approved doctor for your medical treatment. Seeking medical treatment outside of the guidelines of your employer and their insurance company may result in your medical bills not being covered. This can be a costly endeavor as you would be responsible for paying for these bills on your own.

Beyond medical treatment, workers’ comp in Florida also extends compensation for mileage incurred driving to and from your medical care provider. This can be a valuable expense to receive benefits for if you have doctors that are out of town or a long distance from your home. You can also receive mileage reimbursement for the distance to and from your pharmacy to procure prescriptions for your injuries.

What Type of Workers’ Comp Coverage is Available for Lost Wages in Middleburg, Florida?

While having your medical bills covered can help with your recovery, your inability to work because of your injuries could cause concern. The Florida workers’ comp program provides benefits for lost wages incurred during your recovery time. These benefits are dependent on factors such as the extent and the severity of your injuries as well as the amount of time you have missed from work for your recovery. There is also additional consideration placed on if your disability is permanent or temporary.

Under the workers’ comp program in Florida, you will be provided coverage for a temporary total disability at a rate of up to 66 2/3 of your current wage earning. These benefits payout for a total of up to six months, with the Division of Workers’ Compensation deciding on your amount and duration of benefits paid.

If you are able to work at your job in a reduced capacity, but at a lower wage, you may receive temporary partial disability coverage. This provides supplemental income based on the wages that you earned previous to being injured. These benefits will provide up to 80 percent of your previous wages that you are losing out on based on the light-duty work that you are performing.

Workers’ comp in Florida also provides coverage for a permanent total disability. The Bureau of Monitoring and Audit handles these types of injuries. It determines what type of compensation you will receive based on the type of injury you have received from your workplace accident and the long-ranging effects of your injury.

When released by your doctor for light-duty work, you must return to your employer for duty. Failing to work in a light-duty capacity, even if it is at a lower wage, could result in total forfeiture of your workers’ compensation benefits.

Is Workers’ Comp Death Coverage Available in Florida?

The Florida workers’ comp program also provides benefits in the event of death from a workplace accident. In this instance, your family and dependents would be eligible for your workers’ compensation. This can provide up to $150,000 in benefits as well as cover funeral expenses up to $7500. Your family and dependents are eligible to file for workers’ comp benefits if your death occurred within one year of the workplace accident or after you have been on disability for at least five years. These benefits can help your family financially when faced with your death from a workplace accident.

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