Typical Flaws in Personal Injury Cases

Typical Flaws in Personal Injury Cases


Were you in a bad accident, and therefore pressing a personal injury lawsuit? If so, it is important to be aware of any flaws in your case, and discuss them with your Orange Park accident lawyer before negotiations or litigation. You and your attorney may be able to eliminate or minimize many of these flaws before the opposite side can exploit them. If you do not, these flaws may have a large (and negative) effect on the value of your settlement or award.

Re-Injuring an Area of the Body

One of biggest problems in personal injury cases is when the plaintiff re-injures an area or part of the body during the accident in question. If this happened to you, and you weren’t completely healed from the first injury, you need to show that the most recent damage was caused by the second accident. In addition, you and your Orange Park accident lawyer may be tasked with proving that the second injury was exacerbated by the first. Whether or not you need to do this often depends on which jurisdiction is hearing your case. Should you fail, your entire list of expenses may be correlated to the first injury, leaving you with no settlement or award for the second. You should not assume that insurance adjusters are on your side when it comes to these second injuries. They often try to say that your present physical problems are just the past ones coming back, and therefore bear no relation to your second accident. This is often how they deny claims and settlements to deserving victims. But even if you are completely healed from the first injury, you still need to explain how the second one was directly connected to accident.

At times this can be very difficult, which is why victims often seek the assistance of an Orange Park accident lawyer.

For Assistance, Orange Park accident lawyer John Fagan has what it takes to fight tough accident cases. He knows you are hurting, and need money for recovery—both physical and financial.

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