Beware of Stonewalling Insurance Carriers

Beware of Stonewalling Insurance Carriers

In some instances, an insurer may attempt to unreasonably drag out or delay an insurance settlement, including by the three methods described below. These unlawful tactics are referred to as “stonewalling” and may entitle an insured party to collect damages for bad faith. If you believe your insurer may be stonewalling you, you should contact a First Coast personal injury lawyer today.

Holding Back Payment Until All Parts Are Settled

Where an insurance claim involves multiple parts, a claims agent may be technically entitled to hold back payment of any part of the personal injury claim until settlement is reached between the parties with respect to all parts of the claim. For instance, a multi-part claim may have one part related to a physical injury and one related to automobile damage. While an agent may refuse to pay the auto claim until the claimant agrees to a settlement regarding his or her medical bills, the agent cannot unfairly leverage the insurance company’s power to prematurely pressure a claimant to enter into an unfavorable settlement regarding the property while damage knowing that the claimant desperately needs the settlement for medical bills.

Delay in Paying Medical Bills

In other instances of stonewalling, a claims agent may insist an insured party utilize his or her own personal medical coverage and then take credit for such excess coverage prior to permitting the insurance company to pay the insured’s medical bills. An insurance company may be liable for damages for such acts. Finally, another common case of stonewalling is evident where an agent exerts extreme economic pressure on a claimant who cannot afford to provide for basic human needs, such as food or housing, to settle for less than that to which the insured may be entitled. As with the above examples, such bad faith acts may result in liability for damages to the insurance company pursuant to an action brought by a First Coast personal injury lawyer.

A First Coast Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

In times of emotional and physical turmoil and pain, it is frustrating to have to deal with crooked insurance companies practicing stonewalling techniques that take unfair advantage over their own clients. If you feel that you have been the victim of stonewalling, you should call John Fagan, experienced First Coast personal injury lawyer, today to discuss your rights and recourse.

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