Your Appearance at the Video Deposition

Your Appearance at the Video Deposition

Most personal injury depositions these days are videotaped to ensure that the every nuance is preserved in case the claim goes to trial. Defense attorneys are keenly aware that your body language, mannerisms, and facial expressions can make a big impression on jurists. Your will help you prepare for the deposition, but the following tips may be useful as your get ready to face the camera.

Appearing on Camera Look Straight at the Camera.
In most depositions the camera will be close enough that only your head, shoulders, and the wall behind you will be visible. The attorneys will not be in the frame. What does this mean for your video deposition? It means that you should look at the camera when answering any questions. Although it is tempting (and natural) to want to look toward your Orange Park injury attorney, it is important to avoid doing so. This may give the impression that you are not being truthful. The only exception to this rule is that you may look at the defense attorney when he asks a question. Make sure, though, that you turn your head back to face the camera for your answer.

Your Chair.

It is important to sit in your chair the right way during your video deposition. If you can get one, choose a chair that doesn’t have wheels. Some office chairs allow you to lean back via a spring in the chair. Try to avoid doing this, because you may come across as a “bobbing head” to jurors watching the deposition. This can distract them from the key points that you are trying to get across, defeating the deposition’s purpose.

Sit up Straight.

Remember how TV newscasters look? They know how to communicate confidently with an audience, and part of that means paying careful attention to their posture.

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