Hip Implant Claims

Did you have hip replacement complications?

Although hip implant devices are tested for safety, effectiveness, stability, strength and more… some of the medical devices are later found to be defective and often harmful.

Those involved in creating and distributing these hip replacement failures may be held liable for any resulting damages. So, if you or someone you know has experienced complications after having hip replacement surgery, LET US HELP YOU.

CALL US TODAY today to discuss your legal rights and your options. We are currently investigating hip defective implants.

Among others, the following major manufacturers have devices with recalls and failures due to corrosion, swelling, design failures, migration, missing components, etc.

Symptoms of hip failure include: Hip, leg, or groin pain, swelling around the hip joint, skin rashes, grinding and popping sounds from the hip joint, thyroid problems, and impaired kidney function among others.

The video below explains the anatomy of a hip replacement.

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