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Elder Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes in Palatka, Starke, Orange Park, and Middleburg in Florida

Seniors who are being abused in a nursing home on neglected often have difficulty articulating what has taken place. Seniors can go abused and uncared for without halp because no one is aware of it.
Assisted living facilities, as well as all other similar healthcare providers across the State of Florida, must follow strict guidelines imposed by Florida law. The law is designed to shield individuals from major injuries and perhaps death. If you suspect an elderly person is being abused, it’s important to speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Nursing home abuse lawyer John Fagan is here to preserve the legal rights of any victim that has been through physical or mental abuse or neglect while a resident of a Florida elderly care facility.
An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer realizes the importance of setting justice in cases of physical or mental abuse and neglect of aging seniors. In case your loved one could have been mistreated and endured harm in a Florida elderly care facility, it’s best to call John Fagan to make sure that we can get started preserving the safety and protecting the rights your family.

Exposing Elderly Care Physical or Mental Abuse in Florida

Repeatedly, assisted living facility physical or mental abuse develops and persists with the sufferers truly being unheard. It’s a common circumstance to find out loved ones suffered maltreatment because they were frightened or unaware of their rights. It’s advisable to immediately call an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer if you are aware of or identify mistreatment and neglect. Here are some tips, that may help you to discover mistreatment:

Unidentified Traumas: If you to notice signs of a wound of physical abuse or neglect may be taking place.

Bruising: The location of the contusions are significant. Contusions around the lower limbs or elbows means the elderly individual may have been severely seized or placed in restraints, on experienced a fail the extensive treatment and full-time service should give rise to a smaller amount bruising or injury.

Bedsores/Pressure Sores: More often than not, a loved one is bedridden. It is absolutely essential a bed-riddened patient be moved to a fresh position after 1 hour. Bedsores are a very common indicator that neglect is occurring at an assisted living facility.

Weight Loss: Significant weight reduction can be another indication of neglect an extreme loss of weight usually means the individual is not having diet needs properly met.

Cleanliness: The hygiene of your relative is another responsibility to be furnished by the facility looking after your family member. When your loved one’s outfits and room are not clean, neglectfulness is most likely happening.

Bleeding or Bloody Clothing: When you see blood on or around your family member, physical abuse is likely. It is also a sign of sexual abuse; however, those cases are rare.

Slips or Falls: Sufficient care must be provided to seniors in an assisted living facility, so as to avoid slips, for instance, handrails and effectively maintained ramps.

Chemical Restraints: A commonplace report of maltreatment in nursing homes is subduing patients. Extreme amounts of medication are often utilized by assisted living facilities who want to restrain someone having dementia or using conduct similar to aggressive in nature. The negative impact of an abnormal dosage is harmful and may even result in the demise of the elderly patient.

Assisted Living Facility Laws and Regulations in Florida

The Florida Department of Health regulates and requires that any individual working within the senior living facility obey the rules imposed by the state. Instruction hours and training are mandatory before it’s possible to acquire a position at a senior living care center. It is a requirement of Florida law that every elderly care facility in Florida has one or more dietician, a registered nurse, and a physician. A criminal record check is required and immunizations are standardized for any staff member by Florida law. Every patient living in a facility requires proper medication, health care for emergency situations, and accessible mental health counseling. A regular amount of daily exercise, a healthy diet of healthy foods, activities with others socially, and the satisfaction of a tranquil lifestyle are things that should be provided to the individual a senior care assisted living facility. No individual, at any age, should withstand abuse or neglectfulness.

In Florida, it’s the right for the elderly patient to reside in tidy environments, which is also specified by Florida law. Every last resident requires access to a kitchen area and bathroom while under safe environments. Any grime or debris should be removed from the living quarters, combined with provisions for clean bed sheets and garments. Air cooling in the summer and also heat during the cold months must be provided and often maintained and kept in proper condition. Also, hot water is a necessary requirement associated with a nursing facility. Vermin eradication plus clean, drinkable water will also be another thing each individual is by law expected to receive.

If your loved one is living in any conditions lower than the standard outlined here, contact the experienced nursing home abuse lawyer John Fagan.


Legal Penalties of Elderly Care Neglect in Florida

Civil cases and even felony charges are certainly will usually be the outcome in all forms of nursing home abuse in Florida.

An employee under the employ of a Florida nursing home is in jeopardy of a felony or misdemeanor criminal charges if offenses of the laws concerning abuse and neglectfulness go unreported. If a record of neglect has been handed in by the staff of an assisted living facility, but upon examination, it was subsequently identified there was clearly no infraction, the staff member will be safe from criminal prosecution or penalty charges. The same is true of charges for offenses regarding the nursing home facility. In Florida, abuse which has not been recorded or neglect that has not been corrected puts the nursing home at risk of paying out massive penalties and fees and charges in a civil court action. The elderly care facility can be indefinitely closed down when the situation merits it as a consequence of significant cases of abuse. Never hesitate to provide a clear claim of the negligence of a friend inside an elderly care facility in Florida. Nursing home neglect or physical or mental abuse occurrences should be claimed within 24 months of the time it happened as stated by Florida Statute 492.296. Contact a Florida nursing home abuse lawyer if you need support or help learning the rights provided to you by the state of Florida. An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can explain what you need to know about your loved one’s rights and how to accomplish protecting them.


How to Proceed with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer If You Suspect Negligence within an Assisted Living Facility

Don’t procrastinate to consult a seasoned nursing home abuse lawyer in Florida when you or even your relative have been a victim of mistreatment or negligence within a Florida nursing home. John Fagan stands on a proud track record of obtaining compensation for the victims of nursing home abuse in Florida. To examine your case and fulfill your legal needs, contact nursing home abuse lawyer John Fagan.


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