What To Do After A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is one of the most
terrifying situations you can experience. That’s not to say this will ever
happen to you, but car accidents happen all the time. Each time you get into a
vehicle, you assume a serious risk of being involved in an accident. While you
never want to find yourself in this situation, it never hurts to prepare
yourself for the unexpected. Since it can happen anytime, anywhere, and with
anyone, knowing what to do can ease some of your fears.

Here are the proper
steps to take if you are involved in a car accident:

Call For Help:
The first and most important thing you should do if you are
involved in a car accident is call for help. While you might want to call an
auto injury lawyer from one of the car injury law firms you see on television,
you should first call the police. You want to report the accident. If you
decide you want to file a personal injury lawsuit down the road, you need your
police report to help with your case.
A police report is a great way to document your accident so
the other party cannot argue it didn’t happen the way it did. If you’re
involved in an accident, call 9-1-1 and share with the operator your name,
location, and what happened. They will dispatch the police to your accident,
and you will speak to the officer on the scene. The officer will file a police
report that involves witness statements, a report of what happened, the
condition of the cars involved, and more.

Get Out Of The Road:
If you can safely move your car out of a busy road, it’s
important you do this once you call the police. If you can, take a few pictures
of the accident prior to moving any cars. Many major roadways are equipped with
signs along the road asking for drivers to move accident vehicles to the median
or the side of the road to help with the flow of traffic.

If you’re unable to move your car because of the damage,
it’s imperative you get out of your vehicle and get away from it. You never
know when another driver might not see the accident in time and cause further
damage. You do not want to be in or near the accident if this happens.

Do Not Speak To Anyone:
You should absolutely see if you can help anyone else get
out of their vehicle, but do not say a word about the accident to anyone. The
problem with speaking to anyone following an accident is that what you say can
be used against you. For example, if you are the kind of person who apologizes
when something bad happens regardless of fault, your apology could be misconstrued
as an admission of guilt. This might mean you are partially blamed for the
accident, and you might not get the compensation you deserve following the
accident. Ask if people are alright or if there is anything you can do to help
them if they are not, but do not say a word about the accident.

See A Doctor:
Do not refuse medical help following an accident. If you
refuse medical help, your auto injury lawyer will tell you this is detrimental
to your personal injury case for two reasons. The first is that injuries are
not always visible. This means you cannot see them, and you might assume you
are alright. As your injuries become apparent in the coming weeks, it’s easier
for the at-fault driver to argue that your injuries weren’t bad enough for you to
see a doctor right away. They may even argue that your injuries were caused by
something that occurred after your accident, but you saw a chance to file a
lawsuit for monetary gain.

Additionally, seeing a doctor following your accident means
you diagnose injuries faster. If you cannot see them right away, they have time
to get worse if they’re left untreated. You want to diagnose your injuries
before they have a chance to get worse. Untreated injuries may require more
advanced medical care. They can even grow so serious they cannot be treated
after a certain point. You must see a doctor right away. Some injuries cannot
be seen with the naked eye.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney:
Car injury law firms are here to help you with your
questions. If you aren’t sure what to do following your accident, a car
accident personal injury lawyer can help. They can answer any questions you
might have, help you with paperwork, and even help you determine whether you
can file a personal injury lawsuit. While a car accident personal injury lawyer
can help you file a personal injury lawsuit, it’s not required you file one.

Never Accept The First Settlement Offer:
One thing your auto injury lawyer will tell you about what
to do following a car accident is never accept the first offer. Insurance
companies are notorious for offering settlements that are far below the amount
you want or need to help you with your recovery. You can negotiate this amount,
and you can file a personal injury lawsuit if you want to seek further compensation.
– Medical bills
– Future medical bills
– Pain and suffering
– Loss of consortium
– Funeral expenses
– Lost wages

Diminished Earning Capacity:
These are all damages you can seek in a personal injury
lawsuit. If you have serious injuries that require visits to your doctor,
surgery, recovery time, therapy, or counseling, you can ask for compensation
from the at-fault driver to help you cover the cost of those bills. If you
cannot return to work because of your injuries, you might need help with your
expenses. Your attorney will help you make decisions about this.

Never Sign Anything Without Approval:
If you’re asked to sign anything by the at-fault driver’s
attorney, do not sign it without first consulting your attorney. They can make
it seem like you’re required by law to sign things to speed up the process of
your situation, but you’re not always required to do that. Some forms are not
required. For example, if the other insurance company asks you to sign a
medical release form, don’t do it. This gives them access to all your medical
records from birth forward. They can use past injuries to explain your current
injuries to help their client get off the hook for causing them. Car accidents are
terrifying, and they’re all so different. Even a minor car accident can cause
an injury that leaves you unable to work for the rest of your life. Some people
can walk away from a serious accident without a scratch, and other people
suffer the rest of their lives. You don’t need to file a lawsuit or a personal
injury claim against the at-fault driver to call an attorney. You have
questions, they have answers. Ease your mind by allowing someone else to help
you with your questions and your concerns. You have legal rights when someone
else causes a car accident, and you should find out what those are

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