Truck Accident Lawyer Palatka FL: Basis of a Truck Accident Settlement

Truck Accident Lawyer Palatka FL: What’s the Basis of a Truck Accident Settlement?

Large settlements awarded in the cases of truck accidents make the news, but the average person likely doesn’t have a very clear understanding of what is taken into consideration when determining those figures. In the post, a truck accident lawyer Palatka FL attempts to shed some light on this sometimes-mysterious process.

Factors That Can Lead to Truck Accident Settlements

Like other auto accidents, there are a number of different factors that could be at play and that could lead to a truck accident. Some of these factors can increase, lead to or even cause the severity of the resulting collision to increase. While the following list is not inclusive, it provides a basis of understanding when it comes to determining awards and settlements, according to this truck accident lawyer Palatka FL:

  • vehicle failures and/or malfunctions that ultimately lead to the collision such as a tire blowing out or problems with braking or steering
  • Trailers that are not attached properly
  • Inexperience of the driver or a lack of training
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Cargo that is loaded improperly or carelessly
  • Violations of traffic laws such as not using turn signals properly, speeding or plowing through right lights
  • Lack of attention or carelessness in the actions of the truck driver

Calculating Settlements

According to this truck accident lawyer Palatka FL, the drivers of the vehicles that are hit by truck drivers typically require attention from medical professionals. In many cases, this is not medical treatment that is limited only to the short term, though. It requires long-term medical treatment that must then be paid for. For many victims, this need for medical treatment renders them unable to work or they must be out of work for quite some time.

truck accident lawyer Palatka FL understands that not being able to work can cause the victim to experience an undue financial hardship. This, especially when coupled with the increase in medical costs, can leave these victims financially ruined and nowhere to turn to for help.

In addition to the injured party’s inability to work, other factors that could be used to determine awards include an offender with a history of negligence, the amount of medical bills and property damage the victim incurred, anticipated loss of future wages or the need for future medical treatments.

If the accident resulted in a wrongful death, typically family members are awarded funeral and burial costs. An additional amount is often awarded that is designed to provide replacement financial support that has been unfairly stripped from them because their family member was killed.

Who Pays the Settlement Award?

Unless the driver is an independent contractor, the trucking company’s insurance is the first option when it comes to paying any settlements. The insurance company of an independent truck driver would also the entity that is responsible for paying out any awarded funds.

The above points are simply generalities. If an individual has been injured as the result of a truck accident, it’s important to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer Palatka FL for specific advice regarding their case.


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