Tips on Testifying

Jacksonville injury lawyerClients of a Jacksonville injury lawyer often have questions as to the proper way to testify in their case.

Your Jacksonville Injury Attorney Will Advise You Not to Speak in Ambiguities

Your Jacksonville injury lawyer will tell you that the following terms will give the impression that you are unsure about your answers and should be avoided:

  • Let’s see;
  • Presumably;
  • I might’ve;
  • It’s possible;
  • I guess;
  • Maybe; and
  • Seemingly.

Your Jacksonville Injury Lawyer Will Explain Guessing vs. Estimating

If your answer will become speculative, it is better to say you don’t know the answer rather than sound unsure.

On the other hand, estimating is acceptable when your response is a reasonable estimate. You must make sure you are saying that it is only an estimate and not a precise response.

Finishing Your Answer Is Important

You are allowed to reply to the question the opposing attorney asks without being interrupted. It is possible that the opposing attorney will try to cut your answer short. Don’t respond emotionally. Simply wait and then finish answering the question you were answering at the time of interruption.

Speak to an Experienced Jacksonville Injury Lawyer

If you have questions about giving testimony, a Jacksonville injury lawyer can help. Call John Fagan Accident Lawyers at 904-278-1000 today.


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