Strategies for Giving Testimony in Your Social Security Disability Case

Clients of a Jacksonville Social Security disability attorney often ask questions about how Jacksonville Social Security disability attorneyto handle testifying in their case.

Tell the Truth When Testifying
A key factor in your case is the simplest: tell the truth. If the judge asks you a question, there is no reason to try to find an ulterior motive to consider whether or not the response will harm your case. Being honest about your abilities and limitations is the wise approach. If the judge doesn’t believe you are being truthful, it can significantly hurt your case and cause you to lose. Don’t act as if it is a drama and cry to fit in with the story. That is not to say that you should mask pain if you feel it.

Simply Tell The Judge Your Story
When you are explaining why you need Social Security disability benefits, it is your chance to inform the judge why your issues will keep you from being able to hold a job. When seeking Social Security disability benefits you should give examples and facts to show the judge that your limitations are sufficient to win your case.

If you are testifying as to the date of an occurrence and are unsure as to the exact date, it’s not something to be concerned about. It’s okay to say you don’t remember. It won’t make the judge lean one way or the other regarding your testimony.

You Will Be Asked About Various Aspects of Your Life
The judge will ask you about your:

  1. History of employment;
  2. Level of education;
  3. Your medical history;
  4. What symptoms you suffer from;
  5. An estimation of your work limitations; and
  6. The daily activities you can perform.

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