Strategies an Attorney Will Use When Negotiating With Claims Adjusters

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Some of the most common questions a client will ask a Jacksonville accident injury attorney about a personal injury case involve dealing with claims adjusters and receiving settlement offers.

Important Factors That Your Attorney Must Consider When Negotiating a Settlement

The attorney from the Jacksonville personal injury law firm must keep the following in mind when negotiating settlements with insurance claims adjusters:

  1. The attorney should have knowledge about the insurer and the defense firms the carriers use. If the insurer is considered reasonable, the defense attorney is likely to be reasonable as well. This can make them easier to negotiate with. More conservative firms are likely to be more difficult and hire more stringent defense firms;
  2. A large number of adjusters are female. Being aggressive and overbearing will tend to get them on the defensive. It will also be a negative to condescend to them due to gender;
  3. If the attorney has determined that the adjuster is likely to be reasonable, it will be easier to have a give and take relationship that could make agreeing on a settlement easier;
  4. Treating the adjuster as a human being rather than someone with whom the attorney must speak to in order to get what the client wants can go a long way. Having things to chat about such as children and other bits of casual conversation can create a personal relationship;
  5. Blaming the adjuster for a lowball settlement offer is often putting the blame where it doesn’t belong. There are superiors who usually guide the adjusters as to how far they’re allowed to go when negotiating; and
  6. Being willing to bend slightly can help. This is especially true if the insurance company is considered reasonable.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer

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