About SSD Appeals

A Jacksonville disability attorney will tell you that if your Social Security disability application is denied, you have 60 days to file an appeal for reconsideration. But what if you miss that deadline? Unfortunately, you will need to start from square one. A re-do may also cost you back benefits, since your application date and qualification date would change. For these reasons, a timely appeal is essential. Even if you still will be denied at the next step, the timely appeal becomes important. Otherwise your wait for a decision or benefits will take longer. If your application is headed toward the ultimate phase of a hearing, it is better to get before a judge sooner rather than later to state your case.Jacksonville disability attorney

The Appeals Process

If you have been denied at the first application phase, then you have received a letter explaining your first level of appeal, known as reconsideration. The next level of appeal (if reconsideration is denied) is to request a hearing. Again, the deadline is 60 days to file.

Be sure to respond immediately. It is easy to do by calling the Social Security Administration and following the agency’s mail-in instructions. You can also visit your local office—you should bring your denial letter with you and get a copy of your signed and dated appeals paper, which proves you appealed on time. If you prefer to go online to file your appeal, visit https://secure.ssa.gov/apps6z/iAppeals/ap001.jsp. Print a receipt before you log off.

For more information or expert local legal representation, contact Jacksonville disability attorneys First Coast Disability Lawyers at 904-215-5555 for a consultation.

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