Soft Tissue Injuries and Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Orange Park Personal Injury AttorneyInjuries to the soft tissue around the lumbar spine, musculoligamentous injuries, are often the cause of people hiring an Orange Park personal injury attorney seeking compensation for their injuries.

Your Orange County Personal Injury Attorney Will Deal With the Insurer
Commonly with this injury, the patient will be told to rest, use heat packs and painkilling medication. When there is an injury of this kind, the claims representative for the insurer will look at the circumstances and assert that the person has hired an Orange County personal injury lawyer with a settlement in mind.

Treating Medical and Diagnostic Will Be Explained By Your Orange Park Personal Injury Attorney
If a plaintiff is receiving treatment for injuries, it is referred to as “treating medical.” The claims adjuster will generally not challenge the plaintiff and the Orange Park personal injury lawyer on injuries that need this type of care. If, however, the plaintiff is accumulating what is known as “diagnostic medical” expenses, then it is more likely that the claims representative will look at these with some skepticism.

Location of Treatment and Debating With the Orange Park Personal Injury Attorney
The adjuster will keep information as to where you received treatment for your injuries. If the injuries that you suffered required a trip to the emergency room and treatment takes place in a hospital or physical therapy facility, the adjuster will give it more weight and won’t battle your Orange Park personal injury lawyer as to whether you’re really injured that severely.

An Orange Park Personal Injury Lawyer Will Explain Levels of Treatment
A severe injury will require more extensive treatment whereas a lesser injury will be seen as grounds to lower the amount your Orange Park personal injury attorney is offered for settlement. In reality, there are times when the duration of treatment has no connection with the seriousness of the injuries.

Speak to an Experienced Orange Park Personal Injury Attorney
If you or a loved one have been injured and are suffering from a soft tissue injury, it is important to speak to an Orange Park personal injury attorney to understand what the claims adjuster might try to do in questioning your case. Contact John Fagan at 904-278-1000 to discuss your case today.

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