Social Security 101: All your Retirement and Disability Questions Answered

Getting a paycheck in the United States nearly almost means that there is a deduction taken out for social security. Only a few categories of workers are exempt from paying into this national system that is expected to benefit everyone once they reach retirement age. There are many misconceptions that surround retirement and social security.

Social Security is a Retirement-Only Benefit

This is probably the most persistent misconception regarding social security and the ability of an individual to access it. The fact is that, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), there are currently about 61 million people across the United States who are receiving monetary benefits of the program. In addition to those who are retired and their families, this number includes disabled workers, their families and the survivors of workers who are deceased.

Only Your Most Recent Working Years Count for Social Security

As some people cut back on working as they approach retirement, there is the concern that this could reduce the amount they’re eligible for social security. This is because people think that the SSA takes into account only the most recent working years. In reality, the SSA takes 35 of your highest-earning years and averages them to calculate your benefits.

If You’re Married and Haven’t Worked, You Can’t Receive Social Security

Even if you’ve never worked, you are entitled to receive social security based on the work record of your spouse. Once you turn 62, you can apply and receive social security benefits equal to up to 50 percent of your spouse’s benefits.

Once You’re Denied for Social Security, You Can’t Receive Benefits

Like most governmental benefit programs, you have a period of time in which you can appeal after you’ve been denied social security disability benefits. It’s important to remember that most cases are denied at first. Many people will need to appeal their denials several times before they are awarded benefits.

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