Slip and Fall Cases: What Role Do Building Codes Play?

The Major Modern Codes

In order to have a successful slip and fall case, your Orange Park injury lawyer needs to know the rules and regulations that counties and municipalities set forth regarding the way buildings are made. Together, these rules and regulations are called “building codes.”

Although exceptions do exist, the majority of codes come from the models of various agencies. The most well-known and modern codes are the Minimum Property Standards (MPS) from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, the International Building Code (IBC), Life Safety Code (LSC), Uniform Building Code (UBC), Standard Building Code (SBC), and the Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA),

 Minimum Property Standards

Orange Park Injury Lawyer Discusses the Beginning of Building Codes

Larger cities and counties have only been using building codes since about 1920. More uniform codes were not proposed until roughly 1930. Buildings may fall under later codes if a change in occupancy occurred, or if a great deal of remodeling to the property took place. However, not all landlords and/or property owners maintain safety features. If they do not, then their properties may violate current building codes because of the “Applicability to Existing Buildings” part of the regulations.


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