Signs that the Insurance Company May Be Stalling

Sometimes, insurance companies will stall when negotiating your settlement. However, an experienced First Coast personal injury attorney will be able to recognize and diffuse these tactics.

 Letter of Reservation of Rights

One such sign is when the insurance company promptly sends you a Letter of Reservation of Rights after filing your claim. This letter is, on the surface, merely notice that the insurance policy of the party responsible for your injury may not cover certain types of losses, and as such the insurance company will reserve its rights to deny coverage at a later date.

However, the insurance company should already know whether or not your injuries are covered by the policy. Most likely, this letter is simply there to give the adjuster another means to resist negotiation. (A good example is: “I can’t offer that much, I don’t even know if the claim is covered!”) An experienced personal injury lawyer will know this and will continue to pressure the adjuster to explicitly declare whether your accident was covered or not before seriously proceeding with negotiations.

 Cutting Contact

A more blatant way that the insurance adjuster may stall negotiations is to simply avoid you and your attorney. He simply fails to respond to letters, faxes, and phone calls. Your attorney will know the best way to deal with such stalling, which might include contacting someone else at the insurance company or threatening lawsuit.

Whatever the case, experienced Florida personal injury attorney John Fagan will be able to recognize and respond to any stalling tactics the insurance company attempts. Call the law office of John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.

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