Signs of a Good First Coast Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced First Coast personal injury attorney knows to approach settlement negotiations of your personal injury claim with a sales approach: he or she is selling a package and wants to make it look as favorable as possible to the insurer.

There are several things a good First Coast personal injury attorney can do to accomplish this. The attorney will provide all the information an adjuster needs in order to justify the requested settlement offer, so that they can work together to resolve the claim. Adjusters are often overloaded, so your attorney should carefully write out a detailed request for all items of damage being claimed.

Another sign of a good attorney is that he or she performs beyond expectations. If the claims adjuster wants a narrative medical report from your treating physician, a good plaintiff’s attorney will go further and make sure to include legible nursing notes and other documentation to support the medical report. Sometimes, these notes or a hospital log can prove even more valuable than the narrative medical report. Nursing notes in the form of a diary showing progress (or lack thereof) of your recovery and complaints can make an even stronger case.

Furthermore, a good plaintiff’s attorney will anticipate the needs of the claims adjuster by sending a total amount sooner rather than later. The sooner the claims representative is given a dollar figure, the sooner they can set the appropriate reserve so the money is available when the claim is due to be paid.

If you have further questions, contact dedicated First Coast personal injury attorney John Fagan for a free initial consultation.

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