Settling Your Personal Injury Case

The goal of your First Coast personal injury attorney is to settle your case if at all possible before going to trial. This is not always workable, and even an experienced attorney will be unable to predict when and if a settlement will occur.

What to expect if your case goes to trial
Your First Coast personal injury attorney and his or her staff, will engage in an extensive amount of work if your matter proceeds to trial. Trial preparation can be very involved. He will perform these and many other actions in preparation for your trial:

• Conduct legal research
• Take depositions of witnesses
• Submit interrogatories (formal questions to the opposing party)
• Request relevant documents and other evidence from the opposing party
• Prepare exhibits and witnesses for trial
• Correspond with you, opposing attorneys, doctors, experts, and other potential witnesses

A frequently asked question is whether you will be charged anything additionally if your case goes to trial. Fee arrangements differ between First Coast personal injury attorneys, and some contingency agreements provide for an additional percentage of the recovery if a case goes to trial. However in all matters, the fee arrangement should be spelled out in detail in writing to you up front. You should read the agreement carefully and make sure you understand it.

What do you need to do if your personal injury matter goes to trial
The best thing you can do once your case gets filed and set for trial is the following:

• Listen and follow the advice of your First Coast personal injury attorney.
• Follow through with all recommended medical care including physical therapy.
• Keep all appointments with your doctors (if you cannot, be sure to call and cancel with good reason, and reschedule as soon as possible).
• Try to keep stable –maintain the same job, home, etc. Try not to make major life changes while your case is pending.
• Follow the advice of your doctors regarding limitations on your work and recreational interests.
• Keep track of all your medical expenses and receipts.
• Provide in a timely fashion any documents or other information requested by your attorney.
• Keep in touch with your First Coast personal injury attorney. Be sure to provide updated contact information (i.e., phone number, address, email) if you make any changes.

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