Settling Your Claim with an Insurer

Insurance carriers tend to be very different from each other in how they settle claims. Moreover, insurance adjusters also tend to have different approaches. An experienced Jacksonville Social Security disability attorney who knows how to deal with the various carriers and adjusters can be instrumental in settling your claim.

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Differences Between Insurance Carriers

There are certain carriers that use mass marketing and low premiums to attract customers. These carriers tend to be very conservative when it comes to paying claims. Then there are those carriers who do not advertise profusely. They generally are willing to settle on a reasonable basis without the necessity of having to file suit. These companies have much better reputations for resolving cases out of court.

Differences Between Insurance Adjusters

Adjusters who work for more reasonable companies are quite different from those who work for huge conservative carriers. Your Jacksonville Social Security disability attorney must recognize the difference and adjust his or her tactics accordingly.

An Example

An attorney who does not appreciate the difference may misinterpret the actions of the adjuster. For example, an inexperienced attorney may interpret an adjuster’s actions as “playing hardball” when this is not the case. Let’s say that after several months on a claim, your Jacksonville Social Security disability attorney sends the adjuster a demand package and waits for a response.

Sixty or more days go by without a response. The attorney then calls the adjuster multiple times, but has no luck in making contact. Eventually, the attorney decides to file suit. He sends the adjuster a copy of the complaint. Almost immediately he receives a phone call from the adjuster. She wants to meet and discuss a settlement. At the end of the visit, the attorney receives a reasonable offer on the case, as well as resolves a few others that he had pending with the adjuster.

Following that meeting, they have resolved almost every case that they have worked on together. The attorney knows that even though the adjuster sometimes doesn’t respond right away, she always provides a reasonable offer to resolve the claim. This is just one example of how an experienced attorney will get to know and learn how to work with an adjuster. Often, disputes can be resolved without the necessity of litigation.

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