Selling Your Story

Your personal injury claim is not just about telling a story or getting sympathy for what happened. You are also selling a product. The name of that product is damages. In other words, you are selling the fact of your pain and suffering with the help of your Jacksonville personal injury law firm. And as with the sale of any other product, the only reason you are selling is because you expect to receive financial compensation in return. It may be useful to think about your claim in this way.

Provide Documentation
To document your pain and suffering, you should have medical records that demonstrate how much pain you have suffered due to your injuries as well as what kind of treatment and medication you have taken to alleviate it. Your medical records should clearly list all medications you have taken along with their dosages. Anything that emphasizes how drastically the injury has impacted your life is useful. Similarly, if you had any injuries that resulted in the loss of use of a body part or range of motion, that should be emphasized as well.

Adjusters are inherently skeptical of claims of pain and suffering. It is not enough to just say that you were in so much pain that you had to take time off work. The adjuster will likely want to see a signed statement from your employer stating that you had to take time off work due to your injuries.

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