Using a Scale Diagram to Replay the Scene of the Car Accident

One of the most important and useful tools for a Jacksonville Accident attorney to use at trial in order to create a visual image of the scene of the accident for the jury is a scale diagram of the scene of the accident.

A useful and successful scale diagram will be one that involves details of the scene of accident, including cutout cars that demonstrate where the parties were at the point of impact that ultimately caused the accident. A scale diagram that includes the details of the accident will show the facts in an objective manner, making it relatively easy for the jury to understand.

Investigators Can Create Successful Diagrams

If your Jacksonville Accident Lawyer determines that it will be in the best interest of the case to use a map of the accident scene, then he should hire a private accident investigator to prepare the scale diagram.

Private investigators have the necessary knowledge and experience in dealing with car accidents to create a detailed scale diagram that can accurately depict how the accident occurred. An experienced investigator will visit the scene of the accident to obtain details including, traffic control devices, street signs, light poles, manhole covers, and even cracks in the asphalt.

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