Safety Tips to Follow While Driving to Stay Safe on the Road

Never use a phone while driving – Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At 55 mph, that’s the equivalent of driving the length of an entire football field with your eyes closed. If a driver must make a phone call, they should pull over to a safe place and make the call. Don’t multitask – Multitasking is a myth. Human brains do not perform two tasks at the same time; doing so is a serious impairment to driving. Activities like texting, video chatting, and social media posting while driving are serious distractions that lead to aggressive driving or defensive driving, which causes serious motor vehicle crashes. Don’t eat/drink while driving – Eating or drinking while driving can be a significant distraction. Drivers should eat before or after their journeys and, if necessary, they should come off the road and park in a safe place to eat. Avoid complicated tasks – Using technology, such as voice-activated systems or hands-free devices, may seem safe, but they are not. In fact, the superior safety of hands-free devices over handheld devices is another myth in need of busting. Keep eyes on the road – Drivers should keep their eyes on the road and avoid looking at things like buildings or billboards. It’s recommended that drivers move their eyes every two seconds and scan mirrors every five to eight seconds. Do not make calls or check/send emails while stopped at a traffic light (the majority of traffic crashes occur at intersections.) Plan “rest” periods into your trips every two to three hours to check emails and return calls. While driving, forward calls to central location where someone else can deal with your calls. That person decides if the call is urgent and requiring attention, in which case an “emergency hotline number” with a distinct ringtone will alert the driver to park and return the call ASAP. My practice is dedicated to helping accident victims. If you ever need help with a legal problem or just want information on these subjects, you can always reach me at 904 ▪ Law ▪ 1212 (904 ▪ 529 ▪1212) or by email at John@JohnFagan.com

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