What Role Do Insurance Claims Adjusters Have in My Personal Injury Claim?


Unless the person who injured you was uninsured, you will inevitably have to deal with an insurance claims adjuster from the other party’s carrier. These insurance representatives, who are also called claims technicians, are tasked with evaluating your case and deciding how much the insurance company can pay out for such a case. Your Orange Park personal injury lawyer will be dealing with the adjuster assigned to your file for the majority of your case unless it proceeds to trial.

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There are no standard practices for insurance adjusters. Adjusters from large national carriers often do things very differently than do ones from smaller regional insurance. Adjusters from large carriers are often more conservative. Larger insurance carriers have more resources, and therefore, adjusters from larger carriers are less afraid of going to court because they can afford better lawyers and can more easily absorb losses.

National carriers will also often be highly bureaucratic, with a strict chain of command. The adjuster you meet from a national carrier will have to justify all of his decisions to his boss and his boss’ boss. If he seems hesitant about the settlement you and your Orange Park personal injury lawyer are asking for, he is likely worried that someone higher up on the food chain would not approve.

The adjuster with whom your Orange Park personal injury lawyer negotiates probably answers directly to a claims manager, who closely scrutinizes all settlements his adjusters pay out and all litigation his adjusters incur. Through their adjusters, these managers are often responsible for an extremely large amount of the insurance company’s money. As such, only employees who are extremely loyal to the insurance company’s interests will get the job. They will not be very sympathetic to your case.

In large insurance companies, these regional claims managers may be in charge of teams of upwards of 20 adjusters and may in turn report to a general claims manager who supervises all claims managers nationwide. In smaller companies, claims managers may report directly to the company’s vice president.

Dealing with the nation’s largest carriers can be a harrowing task, but you do not have to do it alone. If you are trying to recover damages from a personal injury, call Orange Park personal injury lawyer John Fagan at (904) 215-5555 for a free consultation today.


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