Red Flags in Medical Treatment

It is the job of the insurance adjuster assigned to your motorcycle injury case to question anything that seems out of the ordinary. Even something as seemingly trivial and subjective as the adjuster not feeling right about the facts of your medical treatment can harm your case. An adjuster will scrutinize anything that seems off given all the facts and circumstances as presented, as well the adjuster’s personal judgment, experience, and training. If an adjuster becomes suspicious about your case, your First Coast motorcycle accident lawyer may have a harder time getting a fair settlement.

Some of the “red flags” in medical treatment that may hurt your case include:

  • Medical bills that are too high to match the injury that is being claimed.
  • Any treatments or pre-existing conditions related to the same part of the body where the injury is being claimed.
  • Subjective claims of disability and chronic pain, without much in the way of objective medical findings. This can be a factor in cases involving soft-tissue injuries.
  • Getting too much or too little treatment to match your injury.
  • Treatment that does not yield improvement or result in fewer visits over time.
  • Inconsistency between your list of medical expenses and the medical reports related to the same condition.
  • Treatment by a chiropractor, as opposed to another type of medical professional. Adjusters will scrutinize chiropractor bills more carefully than they would those of an orthopedic surgeon, for example, or a neurosurgeon.
  • Perceived collaboration between your doctor and your First Coast motorcycle accident lawyer. If a medical and a legal professional refer many patients and clients to each other, the doctor’s records, opinions, and bills will be more carefully examined.

For an insurance claims adjuster, the bottom line is the most important part of the case. Ensuring that the interests of the insurance company are protected is his or her job. Getting legal help means having someone on your side to fight for the settlement that you deserve. Contact First Coast motorcycle injury lawyer John Fagan for help with your case.

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