Recommendations for a Video Deposition 

Jacksonville injury lawyerWhen preparing for a video deposition, there are several things your Jacksonville injury lawyer will want you to keep in mind.

When Giving Your Testimony, Your Jacksonville Injury Lawyer Will Advise You to Slow Down

Do not rush to answer the questions. Take your time and listen carefully so that you fully understand each question and what is specifically being asked. You are not required to answer questions as quickly as they are presented to you. The defense attorney may speak very rapidly, and you may find it difficult to think quickly and understand accurately what exactly is being asked. Make yourself slow down and let the attorney ask the whole question before you begin to formulate an answer.

Your attorney knows that questions can often be construed in more than one way. If you do not understand what the defense attorney is asking, simply say so. Ask the attorney to repeat the question until you fully know and understand what is being asked.

Your Jacksonville Injury Lawyer Will Advise You to Keep Your Answers Short

Your Jacksonville injury lawyer can tell you that, on average, a person has a 90-second attention span. Therefore, jury members will most likely not fully pay attention to what you have to say beyond the initial 90 seconds of your answer. Television newscasters limit their news stories to 90 seconds since they are aware of this 90-second attention span. In fact, an average listener listens attentively to only the initial 30 seconds before beginning to “tune out.” This is why 30-second commercials are the norm. Therefore, keep your answers short. Answer each question as concisely as possible and then refrain from talking more. Never pass up an opportunity to quit talking.

The jury is not interested in everything you may know; they are interested only in what is pertinent to the case and necessary to reach a decision. If your Jacksonville injury lawyer thinks you need to give more information, he or she will ask further questions.

Your Jacksonville Injury Attorney Will Reassure You Not to Worry about Forgetting Something

You may worry that you will neglect or forget to give an important piece of information. However, if you have forgotten anything that the jury specifically needs to know, your Jacksonville injury attorney will ask you about it.

Obtaining Legal Counsel

The legal counsel of a competent attorney can help you prepare to do your best at your deposition. Please contact John Fagan Accident Lawyers at 904-278-1000 to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable Jacksonville injury attorney. Call today and request a free consultation.


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