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If your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park has determined that the defendants in your claim case aren’t going to settle, it will be time to move forward for a lawsuit trial. This will mean filing the appropriate forms with the court and waiting to set a trial date. As your personal injury attorney in Orange Park prepares your case, you might feel anxious about when the trial is going to start. You need to understand that there are many conditions that have to be met before a date can be set.

Waiting for the Trial

The first consideration with setting a trial date will be the number of backlogged cases that are already in the court’s jurisdiction. Your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park can also tell you that the number of available judges could be hindering setting a date.

Then there is the issue of discovery. If it is in your best interest for your personal injury attorney in Orange Park to ask for more time to prepare your case, then the courts will often grant a continuance. It might also be that your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park is already handling other cases, and you might have to wait for their schedule to open up.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange Park Will Explain the Process

Before your trial begins, you and your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park will receive plenty of notice. However, there could still be additional delays. The attorneys working for John Fagan Accident Lawyers understand this process. Their knowledge and experience will be a great stress reducer for your case. Give their offices a call today at 904-278-1000 to set up a consultation.

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