Proper Deposition Appearance and Behavior

It is very important to make a positive impression on opposing counsel when you arrive forOrange Park Accident Attorney your deposition. Thus, your Orange Park accident attorney will ask you to dress and behave appropriately.

Your Appearance

You should arrive to your deposition dressed as if you were going to appear in court. First and foremost, you should be clean and well-groomed. Your Orange Park accident lawyer will ask that you dress conservatively without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Your clothes should be without any noticeable stains or wrinkles.

Your Behavior

The way you behave will be an important reflection of your character and credibility. Regardless of the question asked of you, it will be necessary to treat opposing counsel respectfully. Assuming a casual demeanor towards opposing counsel or his client is not appropriate. Your Orange Park accident attorney will prepare you for the deposition so that you are ready to explain the circumstances of your accident and injuries.

Your Orange Park Accident Attorney

If you have been injured, it is important to call an attorney right away so that he can assess and move forward with your claim. Adequate preparation for your deposition will take time and you will benefit from the aid of an attorney who is familiar with what to expect at depositions. John Fagan is an Orange Park accident lawyer eager to help. Call 904-278-1000 today.

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