Principles of Adjusters at Conservative Insurance Companies

If you have been involved in an accident and planning to pursue legal actions to seek compensation for your injuries, the first thing you or your First Coast injury attorney should do is determine if the insurer is conservative. This is important because insurance adjusters who work for conservative companies have different mentalities.

Key Principles

Some of the key principles that insurance adjusters at conservative insurance companies base their claim strategies upon include:

The majority of personal injury claims are based on pre-existing injuries or exaggerated cases that were most likely not caused in this claim.

  1. It is fair for the adjuster to try to settle a claim for as little as possible because, just like a First Coast injury attorney who will owe a duty to his client, they owe a duty to the insurance company
  2. Most cases involve personal injury attorneys who exaggerate small to medium claims and as such these attorneys are not trustworthy.
  3. Insurance adjustors must pay close attention to every claim they process, especially to details such as medical bills, causation, and other factors such as:
    1. Whether there is a possibility to reduce liability
    2. Determine whether there are any defense to coverage of the insured, such as failure to pay premiums
    3. Any contributory negligence on the part of the claimant
    4. Pre-existing or prior injuries that are related to the injuries involved in the subject claim
    5. Loss of income and self-employment losses, especially if they seem inflated
    6. The social status of the claimant, especially if it will result in a lower settlement claim
    7. Any prior claims that will affect the claimant’s credibility for this subject claim
    8. The reputation and credibility of the claimant’s attorney

We Can Help

Insurance adjusters, especially those working for large conservative companies, have one goal in mind, to settle your claim for as little as possible. Most of the time, they will approach your case with a preset notion that will be very hard to change. This is precisely why you need to have a First Coast injury attorney who is aggressive and will fight hard to win your claim.

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