How Can I Prevent a Winter Car Accident in Middleburg, Florida?

While you may be excited about the colder weather, with the winter season also comes an increased risk of winter car accidents. Residents can consider themselves lucky if they manage to avoid incidents and do not end up needing the services of a Middleburg car accident attorney.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, almost 80% of Florida residents drive to work alone, and close to 10% carpool. However, over 43% of the passengers on these roads travel for family or personal business, and 27% of them travel for social or recreational reasons. Passengers who travel for work purposes only represent 2.8% of the total number.

Due to all of the traffic on the road, it is easy to grasp the risks of being involved in a winter car accident in Middleburg and across Florida. However, it is up to every driver to reduce these risks by taking measures to prevent accidents.

10 Ways to Prevent a Winter Car Accident in Middleburg, FL

1. Avoid Driving Small Distances

Sometimes, people are so used to going everywhere by car that they get behind the wheel even when going to buy bread or milk from a neighborhood store. Choosing to walk instead of driving, when possible, will not only reduce the risk of a winter car accident in Middleburg, but also boost one’s health and allow you to enjoy the fresh air.

2. Use Other Transportation Means When Available

Sometimes, you can reach your destination faster by bus than driving in harsh weather and facing the crowded traffic.

3. Equip Your Vehicles Appropriately

Although snow is rare in Middleburg, Florida, rain isn’t. To ensure proper grip and control on a slippery wet roadway, drivers should have their vehicles’ steering, tires, and brakes in good working order. Windshield wipers are important as well, as they determine the driver’s visibility in bad weather.

4. Adjusting Vehicle Speed to the Traffic Conditions

Winter Car Accident Attorney in Middleburg, Florida
When driving in bad weather, consider these safe driving tips from John Fagan Accident Lawyers to avoid a winter car accident.

Many drivers believe that their safety depends on their experience behind the wheel and their car’s performances, and find it safe to drive at higher speeds. Unfortunately, this is only one piece of the puzzle called traffic, because another car can run into theirs, and render their advantage worthless. In case of a winter car accident, in Middleburg and anywhere else, the damage is directly proportional with the vehicle’s’ speed, so driving slower is better, especially in bad weather and on crowded roads.

5. Maintaining Safe Distance from Other Vehicles

Sudden brakes are common in crowded traffic and this issue is frequently cited in Middleburg winter car accident reports. Even when a driver is attentive and manages to stop in time, there is no guarantee the driver following them will match this performance. A distance of a few additional feet between cars can really make a difference and should be worth keeping.

6. Avoiding Nighttime Driving

At night, the mixture of headlights and flickering advertising signs can really turn one blind and make it difficult to anticipate road maneuvers or approximate speed and distance. When possible, Florida residents should limit their driving to daylight conditions.

7. Adequate Use of Headlights

According to statute 316.217, Florida drivers should keep their vehicle headlights on from sunset to sunrise, without exceptions. The law also imposes headlight use whenever the windshield wiper is necessary, including in the rain, smoke, mist, or fog conditions.

8. No Drinking and Driving

The winter season is a good time for cozy parties and friendly get-togethers. Many drivers leave home or work planning to have just one drink with friends; however, they fail to stick to the plan and get behind the wheel to avoid leaving their car behind. As any Middleburg car accident attorney can confirm, in case of traffic collisions, intoxicated drivers who are not directly responsible for the accidents they are involved in can still share in the blame.

9. No Distracted Driving

People are always busy and in a hurry, no matter the season. Their phones keep ringing, and they answer or text even while driving. Not only do Florida laws prohibit texting while driving, but phone usage can distract drivers’ attention from the road and increase accident risks.

10. Staying Calm and Avoiding Conflicts

Many drivers lose their temper in traffic and become aggressive. If everyone remained calm, obeyed traffic rules, and avoided conflicts, the number of Florida winter car accident reports would surely be lower.

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Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are, sometimes car accidents are imminent. When they occur, drivers should not hesitate to enlist the services of a Middleburg car accident attorney. At John Fagan Accident Lawyers, we have successfully handled hundreds of car accident cases in Florida. If you or someone you love gets involved in a winter car accident in Middleburg, contact us, and the preliminary consultation will be at no cost to you.

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