Photographing Your Injuries and Treatment

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. In personal injury trials this is certainly true. Your Orange Park injury lawyer will likely want to use photos to prove the extent and severity of your injuries. This is particularly true if the injured body part is one that you probably wouldn’t want to display under normal circumstances.

Injuries Will Heal Over Time
It is wise to photograph any injuries that may heal or lessen over time (e.g., scrapes and bruises, or a black eye). Photos are the only way to preserve and convey the full character of the original injury, along with your pain and suffering, when a trial in the case may be a couple of years away. Photos are also effective in showing scars and deformities caused by an accident.

You Don’t Need a Professional Photographer
Your Orange Park injury lawyer may ask you to keep a photographic record of your injuries. Although photographs that you take may not be as high quality as professional photographs, they are probably sufficient. If you are keeping a journal, be sure to memorialize any changes in your treatment procedures. For example, if you have a broken foot, photograph your foot with the cast on and right after the cast is removed, to show any degeneration and abrasions.

Doctors May Take Photographs, Too
Doctors sometimes take photographs as well. For example, reconstructive surgeons often take photos at different phases of their treatment. Also, many doctors take photos during operations, particularly of monitor views during arthroscopic surgery. Photographs showing your medical procedures are also very persuasive. A doctor can explain what he did to treat your broken wrist, but the testimony would probably be tedious and dull. A picture showing a doctor handling your twisted radius and ulna bones would more clearly demonstrate the distress and agony you suffered while the doctor tried to piece your wrist back together.

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