A Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange Park Discusses Settlement Negotiations

Your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park knows that a supervisor or a claims manager must give authority to the insurance adjuster to negotiate and accept settlement demands. Typically, for large nationally known companies, the adjuster is only granted authority for small increments of a few thousand to a few hundred dollars. Therefore, if adjuster inform you and your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park that they need to receive authority to move from $20,000 to $23,000, they are most likely telling the truth.

Case Discussion

The insurance adjuster may go over your case with other adjusters and supervisors, much like your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park may discuss your case with other attorneys in his or her law firm.

Because all types of claims (from the frivolous to the catastrophic) are seen and discussed by insurance adjusters, statements that your life has been ruined by your back or neck problems will usually fail to impress your adjuster. Cold, hard facts that you and your personal injury attorney in Orange Park provide will impress your adjuster the most.

  • How much documented loss of income can you show?
  • How much have you paid in medical bills?
  • How many treatments of physical therapy have you had?
  • How many times have you seen a chiropractor?

The adjustor will not be swayed by rhetoric alone; he or she needs to know precisely how your life and finances have been impacted.

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