A Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange Park Can Discuss How a Lawsuit Will Affect You

If you have suffered a personal injury and can’t settle your case out of court, a lawsuit may be necessary to seek monetary damages. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Orange Park can explain the process of a lawsuit and how it will affect you.

The first order of business, after the final investigation and preparation, will be to file a claim in court via a Summons and Complaint. This will be prepared and executed by your personal injury attorney in Orange Park, and no involvement from you is necessary. The Summons and Complaint is then served to the party responsible for your injury (the defendant). From this point forward, you will be legally referred to as the plaintiff.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange Park Explain the Answer to the Complaint

Once the defendant is served with a Summons and Complaint, the insurance company representing the defendant will hire legal counsel to file an Answer to the Complaint. This Answer will likely deny responsibility for the accident, as well as any injuries suffered by the plaintiff. The defending party may claim other parties responsible for your injury, including yourself. A qualified personal injury lawyer in Orange Park has experience with a defendant’s shift of blame, and will ensure that your case is heard from a factual standpoint.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Orange Park Explains the Discovery Phase

Discovery is a legal process whereby both sides seek case information. The following are steps in the discovery process.

  • Questions, or interrogatories, which require written answers from both sides.
  • Oral testimony, or depositions, which will take place in front of your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park, the defendant’s legal counsel, and a court reporter who will transcribe testimony for an official transcript.
  • Requests for production of documents, in which both lawyers will seek to obtain medical records, witness testimony, and other related documents.
  • Requests for admissions, which eliminates certain case facts that aren’t in dispute by either parties, such as location of accident, date of accident, etc.
  • Preparation for trial, which includes witness briefing, deposition of doctors, and your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park appearing before the trial judge.
  • Trial, if your case isn’t yet settled.

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Orange Park Can Prepare You for a Lawsuit

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