Personal Injury Cases: The Function of Your Lawyer

Once you have chosen an appropriate First Coast injury attorney to handle your personal injury case, the two of you will have an initial meeting at which time you will inform him or her of the actual facts of your case. After that meeting, your attorney will begin to look into your claim. This process includes: (1) obtaining witness statements, police reports, and medical reports and (2) reviewing all medical bills. Your lawyer will also start the process of reviewing the appropriate statutory and case law that will be relevant to the facts of your case.

Furthermore, your attorney will also get in touch with the opposing party’s insurance company. Once the preliminary investigation and contact with the insurance company is done, your attorney should stay in contact with you to ensure that: (1) you are doing what your doctors say to do with regard to your injuries; (2) you are trying your hardest to recover from your injuries; and (3) you are providing him or her with copies of all medical bills, loss of income information, and other accident-related expenses.

Additionally, your attorney will be able to get your medical records via the use of an authorization form that you will sign in advance of him or her attempting to get those records. Once received, your attorney will review the reports and will keep abreast of the applicable laws that are closely related to the facts of your case. If you need a First Coast injury attorney, please contact John Fagan today for a free consultation.

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