What is the Value of My Personal Injury Case?

A multitude of factors determine the potential value of your personal injury case, such as the strength of evidence proving the cause of your injuries. At the initial consultation, Orange Park injury lawyers will consider each of them before deciding whether to accept your case and fight for your claim. Some of the vital factors of a strong case include:

Orange Park injury lawyers

Physicians and/or medical facilities


Orange Park injury lawyers will want to know the names of the physicians and facilities you have consulted.  Did you see a chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon?  Did you go to a hospital or walk-in clinic?  Was a diagnosis made on history and examination or were x-rays taken?




If you have no insurance, it is necessary that clear liability of another person exists who possesses assets or insurance.


Insurance contact


If quite a bit of time has elapsed since the incident and you have not yet contacted your own insurance carrier, Orange Park injury lawyers will want to know the reason why.  If you have not promptly notified your insurer of a potential claim there may be problems of recovery.


Item that caused injury


The product or item that caused your injury will need to be preserved.




Pictures of the object that cause your injury should be taken as soon as possible before repair has occurred.  Pictures you have taken should be brought to the initial interview with your Orange Park injury lawyer, as it will give important information regarding the liability and damage criteria.


Other attorneys


If other lawyers have refused your case or if you have interviewed other attorneys without retaining them, Orange Park injury lawyers will want to know and may be hesitant about taking your case.


Referral source


A referral by one of your Orange Park injury lawyer’s respected clients will incline your lawyer to believe you are sincere in seeking his or her representation.


Insurance adjuster contact


A significant amount of effort and time may be saved if an insurance adjuster has already contacted you.  During your initial conference with your lawyer, bring the adjuster’s name and phone number.


If you have been injured and would like to visit with knowledgeable and competent Orange Park injury lawyers about your case, please contact John Fagan Accident Lawyers by calling 904-278-1000.

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