How You Can Pay Your Medical Bills

Your health insurance coverage status and the nature of the accident will determine who will pay for your medical bills. It will be in your best interest to hire a knowledgeable Orange Park accident attorney who will be able to determine the exact source for the payment of your medical bills.

An Orange Park Accident Attorney Explains Who Will Pay for Your Medical Bills

Your Orange Park accident attorney would be remiss if he did not thoroughly explain how your medical bills will be paid. Listed below are the various sources that will pay for your medical bills, depending on your situation:

  1. Your own health insurance—This can be either from your employment benefits package, or one that you paid out of your own pocket.
  2. Family members’ health insurance—Insurance purchased by your spouse or your parents (if you are a dependent minor) for your benefit.
  3. Your own automobile insurance—If you were driving your automobile when you were involved in the accident, your own automobile policy will offer payments for your medical bills.
  4. The driver’s medical payments insurance coverage—If you were a passenger in a car with insurance coverage that was involved in the accident, the driver’s automobile insurance may pay for your medical bills.
  5. Your own money—If you were uninsured but have the funds to pay medical bills as they are incurred, you will pay for your medical bills.
  6. Workers’ compensation insurance—if you were injured while working on the job and this injury occurred due to your employment, you will receive worker’s compensation.
  7. The liability insurance coverage of any person or organization that caused your injuries—Your Orange Park accident attorney will inform you that you will probably have to wait until settlement to receive payment from this insurance coverage, instead of receiving it as the medical bills are incurred.
  8. Other possible sources—An Orange Park accident lawyer will cover any other applicable sources that can pay for your medical bills.

If there is no insurance coverage by anyone in your case, you and your Orange Park accident lawyer must save your medical bills, which will be paid in the future if your case reaches settlement.

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