An Orange Park Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews How to Present Yourself During Your Deposition in Order to Make a Good Impression

Deposition Purposes
Orange Park personal injury lawyer Your Orange Park personal injury lawyer will want you to be aware of several purposes your deposition serves. First, the attorney for the defense wants to size you up. If he or she believes you are honest and likeable, the chances your case will be settled are greater. Second, the defense attorney may attempt to trap you by giving inconsistent testimony or statements concerning your case. Therefore, you should be as accurate and truthful as possible at all times. Last, the deposition gives the defense attorney an opportunity to obtain as much information as he or she can in order to adequately prepare for trial. Your Orange Park personal injury attorney will advise against trying to hide or neglect any information.

Income Loss
Make no attempt to exaggerate the loss of income you have experienced as a result of the accident. Your Orange Park personal injury lawyer will go over this aspect of your testimony before the deposition occurs.

When you are questioned about prior injuries, describe to the best of your knowledge any injuries you have previously experienced or if you believe you have not had any previous injuries.

Having good recollection and knowledge of your current actual injuries is important. Think carefully about and perhaps make a written record of the pain your injuries have caused, their progression and the limitations they have imposed on your daily activities. Your Orange Park personal injury lawyer may want to review your notes before the deposition although you will not be allowed to use them when testifying.

Prepare a chronological list of each physician and other type of medical personnel you have seen for treatment of your injuries.

Legal Counsel
A competent Orange Park personal injury lawyer can assist you in preparation for your deposition. To request a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable Orange Park personal injury attorney, please contact John Fagan Accident Lawyers at 904-278-1000.

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