What an Orange Park Accidents Lawyer Does

Although the vast majority of personal injury cases do not go to trial, an experienced Orange Park accidents lawyer will handle your case with a trial as the ultimate resolution in mind. Typically, the process is as follows.

Initial steps
The first interview with the client is where it begins. If that contact goes well and it seems both parties are willing to work together, the following will occur:

1. A letter of engagement will be forwarded to the client which will include all that was discussed at the interview and memorialized in a written retainer agreement.
2. Once signed and whatever required terms are fulfilled, your Orange Park accidents lawyer will begin his work.

Pre-suit legal matters
1. Determine the correct jurisdiction and venue in which to file the case
2. Determine when the statute of limitations expires to ensure the filing deadline is not missed
3. Obtain exact legal name and address for all adverse parties
4. Give all government, medical and/or other statutory notices required

Preliminary case investigation

Your Orange Park accidents lawyer knows there is a direct correlation between the thoroughness of the case investigation and the dollar amount of the recovery. Issues include:

1. Obtaining copies of any statements made by the client
2. Obtaining official reports of the incident
3. Inspecting the scene of the incident
4. Obtaining insurance coverage information from the client and the adverse party

Preparing for trial
Based upon the results of the preliminary case investigation, some or all of the following will be necessary:

1. Instruct the client to seek medical care and mitigate damages
2. Give the client a list of items to accomplish or gather
3. Retain and consult expert witnesses, as appropriate, on issues such as liability and/or damages
4. Prepare a witness list, determine which witnesses need to be interviewed and interview them

John Fagan, an Orange Park accidents lawyer, understands how much a personal injury accident impacts your life. He is here to help you recover all that you have lost. Mr. Fagan offers a free, no-obligation initial consultation by calling (904) 215-5555. Call today.

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