An Orange Park Accident Lawyer Explains Trial Procedure

In most cases, as an Orange Park accident lawyer can tell you, personal injury trial procedures commence in a specific manner.

Jury Selection

First, a judge will open the trial by calling prospective jurors, acting legal counsel, and clients (plaintiff/defendant) into the courtroom. Jury selection (also called “voir dire”) begins. In some jurisdictions, attorneys ask prospective jurors questions, while in others the judge does the questioning. Jurors who have not been excluded from the case based on disqualifying reasons are then selected by way of a lottery.

Opening Statements

After a jury is selected, acting legal counsel from both sides will make opening statements. These statements are brief summaries of the case on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant. An experienced Orange Park accident lawyer will use this time to explain your injury, the cause of your injury, and why your case is being tried before a court of law.

After opening statements, your Orange Park accident lawyer will alternately call you and all witnesses—i.e., doctors, eyewitnesses of the accident, etc.—to the stand for questioning. After each witness has been questioned by direct examination, the defense counsel will begin cross-examination, asking questions of you and your witnesses. After cross-examination has concluded, your Orange Park accident attorney can finish with a few additional questions, or re-direct examination.

A Qualified Orange Park Accident Attorney Can Provide More Information

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