The Opening Theme of Your Case

Every good Jacksonville injury lawyer knows to select opening trial themes carefully, and only after detailed examination of a particular client’s case. The right theme narrows the focus of the case in a way that portrays the client in a positive light. The purpose of the theme is to catch the jury’s attention and pave the way for the lawyer’s argument.

Take a look at the following opening theme examples:

It Was Supposed to Be a Routine Procedure

This theme helps jurors remember that harmful events occur all around us and could happen to anyone. It reminds them that they could well be in your client’s shoes one day and fosters a feeling of identification and empathy with your client.

This Is a Case About (E.g., a Guardrail)

This theme tends to do well in cases in which your Jacksonville injury lawyer needs to convince the jury to disregard distracting details (such as a client’s behavior) and focus on a simpler cause to an accident.

The Sign on the Store Read “Welcome”

Your Jacksonville injury lawyer may use this theme to show how businesses violate the implicit trust customers have in entering to do business. This can be useful in a slip-and-fall case.

A Skilled Jackson Injury Lawyer Knows What to Do

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