Navigating Your Complex Accident Claim with Your Florida Car Accident Attorney

Navigating Your Complex Accident Claim with Your Florida Car Accident Attorney

A complex accident claim with an insurer can leave a vehicle owner struggling to overcome loss. After an accident occurs, it is critically important to turn to an experienced Florida car accident attorney to ensure you receive comprehensive compensation for the losses you have suffered. For many people, these losses can be significant, from damage to a vehicle to a stack of medical bills. And, while laws are there to protect you, receiving proper settlement is not always simplistic.

Accidents Happen Often in Florida

When you are driving down one of the highways or simply trying to get through the neighborhood, you may experience a catastrophic accident leaving you with significant injuries, loss of life, and property damage. Take a look at how frequent Florida experiences car accidents. In 2017, there were 401,245 total car crashes in the state. Of these, 3,088 people lost their life. Property damage to vehicles occurred in 231,997 of those crashes, according to FIRES. This creates a series situation for many people. Your Florida car accident attorney can help you get through this.

What Did You Suffer Loss From?

One of the reasons to work with an experienced Florida car accident attorney is because these professionals can help you obtain compensation from all of your losses. Most people don’t realize just how much they’ve lost. Your losses may include:

  • Medical bills for emergency medical care, including life support transport services
  • Ongoing medical bills for physical therapy, hospital stays, rehabilitation services, and chiropractic care
  • Lost time at work due to the accident, your recovery from injuries, and time spent in court
  • Pain and suffering as a result of your injuries
  • Loss of function of a limb or a lack of ability to do the same type of work you did prior
  • Loss of life, if your loved one died in the incident

Your Florida car accident attorney will work with you to determine what the proper dollar amount is for these types of losses. Every case is very different. Yet, it goes without saying you will need comprehensive support to obtain the financial compensation owed to you.

Don’t Settle Until You Speak to Your Florida Car Accident Attorney

Many men and women just want to move on. They hope to get enough to pay the bills and move on with their lives. Yet, this nearly always ends with an individual obtaining less of the financial compensation owed to them than is desirable. Do not settle your claim with any insurance company. Do not admit any guilt in your case. And, be sure you explain everything that occurred during and after your incident with your attorney.

What Is Your First Step?

After an accident occurs, contact an attorney for a consultation. Discuss your case at length. In complex auto accident cases where multiple parties suffered damage, the losses are ongoing, or there is reason to believe you will not receive compensation, you need an experienced, aggressive attorney by your side. Working with these professionals can comprehensively change the outcome of your case, often helping you to obtain the compensation owed to you at the level desired.

There’s Never a Fee Unless We Get Money For You

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