What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Accidents

Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorneys can explain that motorcycle accidents often lead to more severe injuries due to the lack of protection that motorcyclists and passengers have when compared to the drivers and passengers of automobiles. Due to more extensive injuries being involved in motorcycle accidents, higher awards may be available in these cases.

Statute of Limitations

Florida has a strict statute of limitations pertaining to when you can bring forth a legal cause of action against the person or party that caused the motorcycle accident. You typically have four years to bring forth your complaint in a personal injury case. However, your Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorney can explain that you only have three years if you are suing city, county or state government.

Legal Theories

Your Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer can explain that the majority of motorcycle accident claims are based on the legal theory of negligence. This type of cause of action is based on the legal concept that every driver has the legal duty to drive in a reasonably prudent manner. When a driver breaches this duty by running a stop sign, switching lanes without signalling into the path of a motorcycle rider, speeding or not following other traffic laws, this driver should be held financially liable for the damages that result. Passenger vehicles are responsible for approximately 75 percent of motorcycle accidents. If a motorcycle rider causes the accident, he or she should rightfully be held legally and financially responsible for the damages that result. Passengers on motorcycles who are injured can also choose to pursue a legal claim against the party that is responsible for the accident, be it the driver of the passenger vehicle or the motorcycle driver.

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