Mental and Emotional Limitations

If the nature of your disability is limited exclusively to mental or emotional problems, the following information does not apply to you. Please be advised that if you are strictly experiencing emotional or mental issues and would like to apply for social security disability, you will need to discuss the matter thoroughly with your Jacksonville disability attorney prior to your hearing. If you have a physical disability along with emotional or mental impairments, you also need to discuss these factors with your lawyer before going to your hearing.Jacksonville disability attorney

Mental and Emotional Limitations in Combination with Physical Impairments

Like many who suffer from physical limitations that affect your ability to work, you may also suffer from emotional or mental impairments or problems. Oftentimes, these emotional and mental issues arise directly from the physical problems. Unfortunately, those who suffer from both physical and emotional problems are often ashamed. They are reluctant to discuss the emotional aspects of their impairments because they are worried that people will think they are crazy.

To have the best odds of achieving a ruling in your favor, however, it is crucial to be willing and able to discuss the emotional problems that have arisen due to your physical problems. People don’t often realize it, but the mental aspects of suffering from various physical problems often have the most severe impact on a person’s ability to function and work normally. If your ability to enjoy life is limited due to the emotional issues stemming from your impairment, you need to express these sentiments openly and thoroughly.

All kinds of symptoms can arise due to emotional issues that stem from physical impairments. These and other symptoms can and will limit your ability to enjoy life and to hold down a job:

  • Depression
  • Quick temper
  • Forgetfulness
  • Crying spells
  • Nervousness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Avoiding others
  • Difficulty getting along with others

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