Medical History

Your disability lawyer in Jacksonville, FL will advise you that sometimes the administrative law judge will not ask you any questions concerning your medical history. He or she may allow the records, which consist of records from hospitals, physicians, and other medical providers who have furnished care and treatment, to speak for themselves.Disability lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Therefore, it is important that your disability lawyer in Jacksonville, FL makes sure that the hearing exhibit file contains every medical record that the judge may need. It may also be necessary to include physicians’ letters containing their opinion concerning your limitations and explanation of your medical condition.

Medical History Questions

Questions pertaining to your medical history may be asked by the judge. He or she may question you about the kinds of medications you take, their side effects, how much and how often you take them and how well they have worked for you. You may be questioned about your physicians, e.g., the different doctors you have seen, the number of times you have seen them and the type of treatment they have prescribed. You may also be asked questions concerning hospitalizations, your medical condition’s symptoms, and various treatments.

Use of Technical Language

Your disability lawyer in Jacksonville, FL will advise you to refrain from using technical medical language to answer the judge’s questions. It is usually best not even to attempt to explain what your physician tells you, what you may have read or heard concerning your medical condition, or what you may have heard from friends. Nevertheless, if the administrative law judge questions you about what your physician has relayed to you concerning your limitations or condition, make every attempt to quote what your doctor said as accurately and completely as possible.

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