Maneuvering Around a Defense Attorney

It is pretty well known among Orange Park injury lawyers that defense attorneys will do everything in their power to please insurance carriers with low settlements for personal injury victims.  If you have been injured, it will not be an easy road toward receiving a personal injury payout.

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Defense Attorney Authority

  • Insurance carriers ultimately have the authority to settle a personal injury case.
  • Many defense attorneys are familiar with the desires of the insurance carriers that they represent, and can most likely estimate the value of the injury in question.
  • One thing to note: your injury lawyers will overestimate the incident’s value due to many factors (such as the extent of the damages), but the defense attorney will always try to settle for a lower amount.

The Defense’s Strategy

  • The defense lawyer will sometimes settle for the amount proposed by your Orange Park injury lawyers if he or she believes that the defense will lose if the case goes to trial.
  • If the defense attorney thinks that he will win in court, however, he will probably go to trial instead of settling.

The Benefits of Settling

  • Settling is usually more convenient, less traumatic, and faster than going to trial.
  • A claimant may receive a slightly smaller settlement, but the benefits of not going to court outweigh the loss.

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After reading the above information, it is easy to understand why personal injury cases are often very extensive processes.  But they do not have to be, as long as you choose the correct team of experienced Orange Park injury lawyers.  Contact John Fagan Accident Lawyers at (904) 278-1000 to see if your case can be settled quickly and easily.

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