How Long Will It Take for My Trial to Occur?

Some of our clients are surprised by how long it takes to actually to get to trial once a lawsuit has been filed. The time between filing and the trial itself are influenced by a variety of factors.

One important factor the judge’s case load. If your county or jurisdiction has many cases, or if not a lot of judges to hear those cases, you can expect the wait to be long. Some courts also give certain types of cases, such as criminal cases, priority over others.

Another important factor is trial preparation. Some cases require more preparation than others, and there may be interrogatories or depositions to do before the case can even get in line to be heard by a judge.

The prosecution’s case load may also be a factor. The prosecutor’s office often works many cases at a time, and if they have a heavy caseload, it may slow down the trial preparation described above.

If your Florida personal injury attorney decides that negotiation with the insurance company is impossible and a lawsuit is your best chance to make recovery, then he will discuss with you approximately how long you can expect to wait to see your money. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your trial, this wait may take anywhere from less than a year to several years.

Regardless of how long the wait is, a personal injury trial requires you to have an experienced Florida personal injury attorney on your side. Call John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.

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