How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take to Settle?

Even the most experienced Florida personal injury attorney would be hard pressed to tell you with any certainty exactly when you can expect your settlement from your personal injury claim. The time between formally initiating negotiations with a letter of demand and the money being put into your bank account can range anywhere from a few weeks to many months.

That is not to say that your personal injury attorney can’t give you a rough estimate. Indeed, there are many factors that can affect the length of settlement negotiations. Though each individual case is different, clear-cut cases where it is obvious that the insured is liable tend to settle faster. Complicated cases with more ambiguous liability tend to settle more slowly.

Additionally, other factors that may affect the amount of time negotiations will take include the caseload of the insurance adjuster, the presence of other liable parties besides the insured, and how thorough the paperwork has been during the preparation phase. The negotiation may even be affected by factors such as the economy and the time of year (since some months tend to have more insurance claims than others). The difference between the initial demand sent by your attorney and the amount the adjuster hopes to pay is also a factor.

Rest assured that during the negotiations process, your Florida personal injury attorney will be making every possible effort to get you the maximum possible settlement in as little time as possible. Call experienced Florida personal injury attorney John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.

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