Large and Conservative Insurers

Jacksonville car accident attorneyDealing with insurance companies can be both intimidating and extremely stressful. Let your Jacksonville car accident attorney work with the insurance company to help get the compensation you deserve for any damage that occurred during the accident.

While some claims adjusters give the business a bad name, most adjusters try to work within the parameters set by the insurance carrier to be as reasonable as possible. However, adjusters working for huge, conservative carriers will be very different from adjusters who work for smaller companies.

Large, conservative insurers do not mind litigation. They know it is simply part of the job and even losing a multimillion dollar verdict does not make much of a difference to these larger companies. They have the money to litigate, and with an extremely high success rate during trial, the small risk is often worth it. Your Jacksonville car accident attorney’s job is to work to resolve your claim without spending years and thousands of dollars locked in litigation.


Adjusters who work for large conservative firms typically act according to the mindset of their employers. Their goal is to resolve the most cases possible for a value that is far below the settlement authority given to the adjusters by the company. Adjusters are given bonuses for resolving cases with the lowest settlements.


Major insurance companies will try to resolve your case without the intervention of personal injury attorneys; one carrier was even cited for writing letters that discouraged injured parties from hiring an attorney.

Do not let yourself be bullied into resolving your case for less than you deserve. The Jacksonville car accident attorneys at John Fagan Accident Lawyers will help you through this stressful process. Call us today at 904-278-1000.



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