Keeping Track of Your Bills

Your Orange Park accident lawyer will instruct you to keep track and maintain your medical bills. You must handle them with care, as such documentation is important evidence of your injuries and the costs incurred to treat them.

Your Orange Park Accident Lawyer Will Expect You to Save and Maintain Your Bills

To prevail in your personal injury case, you must keep constant track of your medical bills and save them for potential use at court later. Listed below are some tips your Orange Park accident lawyer will provide you on how to best manage your bills:

Obtain a medical bill after you receiving treatment from a doctor or hospital.

Request and obtain medical bills after visiting medical professional and facility. Also, make record of the time, date, and place of your visits.

Save all of your prescription bills.

Your Orange Park accident lawyer will stress the importance of holding onto receipts of your prescriptions and medicine that you purchased from drug stores.

Use a chart that details the dates of doctor visits, costs of medical bills, and purchases of medication.

With the help of your Orange Park accident attorney, create a unique chart that contains information related to your medical expenses, such as:

  • the date of your medical treatment or purchase of medication
  • the price of medical bill for medical service or treatment
  • the method of payment (example: insurance, your own money)

This chart will serve as an accurate record of medical bills for treatments necessary for your injury.

Your Orange Park accident attorney must have a copy of each medical and prescription bill, or other bill related to your injury.

If a settlement is imminent in your case, be sure to give your lawyer copies of your medical bills and a summary. In all likelihood, your lawyer will obtain copies of bills from the medical facilities, but you should offer him or her copies just in case. Keep in mind that you risk your case settling for significantly less than it is worth if your lawyer does not have an accurate record of all your medical bills.

Save a record of medical bills even if they are administered by health insurance carrier.

Even if a health insurance company or your employer has paid your medical bills, you should keep your personal copies. Don’t forget to give separate copies to your lawyer.

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