Keep Your Home Safe While Away

While you’re away from home, make sure your personal property doesn’t end up in the hands of a burglar. Protecting your home can be as easy as making it look occupied while you’re gone.

Here are some simple measures you can take that can pay off in security and peace of mind:

**Leave drapes and shades open. If closed, it’s a sign you’re gone.
**Don’t stop all deliveries. Have someone you trust pick up mail and newspapers every day.
**Leave a radio on. It signals to a burglar that someone’s home.
**Use automatic light timers. Set them to turn lights on and off in different rooms at different times.·
**Park a car in your driveway or parking space. If you plan to be gone for just a few days, park your second car in the driveway or space, or ask a neighbor to park a car there. This not only gives the impression you’re home but also stops burglars from backing up a van and loading your possessions.

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