Special Issues Involved in Sidewalk Cases

jacksonville slip and fall  Stethoscope attorney gavel Sidewalk accidents can cause devastating injuries. It’s important to understand who may be legally responsible in the event you have an accident. A skilled Jacksonville slip and fall attorney can explain how sidewalk cases are evaluated.

The Importance of Determining Property Ownership

As your Jacksonville slip and fall attorney can explain, when someone is injured after falling on a sidewalk, determining who owned that patch of sidewalk is critical. The duties owed to passers-by fluctuate based on whether the sidewalk is publicly, privately, or commercially owned. If the sidewalk belongs to the city or other municipality, you must prove that the municipality was negligent or failed to correct an unsafe condition which then caused your fall. In many cases, sidewalk slip and falls happen due to an accumulation of ice and snow. If the city acted unreasonably in either failing to remove it or warning passers-by of unsafe conditions, then they may be liable for injuries suffered. If the stretch of sidewalk was on private property, the city won’t have any legal responsibility to the injured party. If the patch of sidewalk was owned by a business, the business owner usually has the highest duty to its customers to keep conditions safe. This is true in or outside the building.

Proving Liability in a Sidewalk Slip and Fall Case

As your Jacksonville slip and fall attorney can explain, liability comes down to proof of negligence. In the case of commercial property, the owners may have a duty to reasonably inspect the premises from time to time and clear unsafe conditions. They generally must warn customers if they know of a dangerous condition. This can be a simple task such as putting up a caution sign. Private property owners in residential areas don’t usually have an affirmative duty to inspect or repair but must warn of known dangers.

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